Kenneth Cole Tweet“I apologize to everyone who was offended by my insensitive tweet about the situation in Egypt. I’ve dedicated my life to raising awareness about serious social issues, and in hindsight my attempt at humor regarding a nation liberating themselves against oppression was poorly timed and absolutely inappropriate.” – Kenneth Cole


Fashion designer Kenneth Cole fired an unconscionable Tweet, suggesting his products caused the revolution in Egypt.

LESSON: Kenneth Cole suffered from a lack of Control. Chapter 19 discusses the Traps and Tools demonstrated by the famed designer: Disregard for others’ feelings falls into the Intolerance Trap. Had Cole used the Be Considerate Tool, he never would have sent the Tweet in the first place. Learn more about Control on page 112. To be fair he eventually used the Apology Tool (page 128), so he Cole had a Big Brain Moment, too.

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The Apology Tool

(for more on this topic, see page 128 in the book)


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