What Manager vs. Why Manager


I have worked for many different managers in my time; some Big Brain Leaders, others Little Brain Managers.

One trait the Big Brain Leaders had in common was the ability to share. They would always include the staff in the process and explain why we needed to do things a certain way. Somehow, sharing the why makes people feel more like a part of the decision and more involved in the outcome.

Managers who use their Little Brains are really good with what. Telling people what is wrong, what needs to be done… and what they will be upset about if those things are not done.

What is easy…anybody can be a what manager.  But it takes talent to be a why Leader.

What managers find themselves in a constant circle of training people that same what, because without the why… the training does not stick.

What managers see their people as a staff; Why leaders see their people as a team.

Change is part of the job.

The workplace is changing fast and with change comes a great opportunity to communicate and touch your team.  New procedures, new policies, new forms are introduced on a regular basis.

The Why leader will take the time to telegraph  ahead of time that change is coming. She will explain the new changes and make sure the team understands why the new changes are important. Telegraphing is a Big Brain tool.

The What manager will drop the new changes on the staff with little to no notice like an ambush and simply tell them they must adopt the changes because that is their job. Ambushing is a Little Brain trap.

How would people describe you?

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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