ApologiesYou are in a rush as you walk up to the front door with your hands full, and as you open the door, your dog rushes out. The chase is on and after some sweating and begging you get “Spot” back inside and everything is ok again.

In the fast pace life we live today the same thing can happen with comments. We are moving so fast and are doing so much we are not always paying attention. We make mistakes and before we know it our Little Brain rushes out the door with a comment we wish had not gotten out.

We will from time to time let our Little Brains get the best us, and say something we shouldn’t have. Perhaps we inadvertently embarrassed someone with poorly timed information in front of the their friends, it might be getting upset and uttering some foul language to a coworker or family member or it could be just being rude in an everyday encounter by ignoring people.

Usually a few moments later, a few hours later, even a few days later, it will hit us and we will realize what we have done. We will think back and recognize our poor behavior.  Now comes the hard part: The apology.

The Little Brain will begin to rationalize. “Is it really necessary?” After all, the moment is over. Maybe nobody really noticed and it’s not that big a deal.  This is where our Big Brains have to take over and push us to find a way to make an apology to the person we owe it to.  It does not have to be a grand gesture, but it does have to happen.  A simple acknowledgement of the act and a quick “I’m sorry” will be all that is necessary most of the time.

For some, using The Apology Tool is incredibly difficult. But the Legacy of not apologizing is leaving negative impressions that will linger like old baggage until they are confronted and resolved.

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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The Apology Tool

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