During a recent stay at a little hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one employee stood out above all others. It was not the desk clerk, or the bellman or even a server at the restaurant.

Big Brain ValetIt was the Valet.

Rarely have I seen a person so into his job that, on a four day stay, it took him writing down my name just once to address me by name each time he saw us. Even when it had nothing to do with the car.

Always ready to suggest directions and recommendations, he guided us to a better time in Santa Fe. There was genuine concern and thoughtfulness present in every encounter with him.

He anticipated needs and communicated them better than a concierge. This person was not only the face of the hotel he was, for me, the main representative; he was the marketing department, the customer relations department and oh yes, the Valet.

As the first person to greet the guest and the final person to say good bye to the guest at the end of their stay, this person who parks cars was the impression of the hotel that I will remember.

Kudos to Damien at the Inn at Loretto.  Damien gets the Big Brain Customer Service Award™ for September.

Who is the front person for your company? Are they as dedicated as Damien?

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