The Art of Air Travel…Patience.

Some people demand the right to recline their seats and some perceive it as constitutional right. “Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and the Right to Recline airline seats.”  It may be a right or even an accepted airline policy, but it may also be Little Brain, if the person behind you asks that you not do it and you opt to ignore them and recline anyway.

Little Brain Air TravelIt seems like such a simple act, and yet we have all seen how “huffy” (Little Brain) people can get when the person in front of them reclines. If you don’t recline, but the person in front of you reclines, you may feel the need (right) to recline.  This domino effect continues to impact every row on the plane.

Does the 5% pitch in reclining really help? After all, if the reclining position really helps you sleep, isn’t the person behind you going to use the top of your seat as a handrail – thus waking you – when they get up to use the restroom?

A plane flight creates a temporary community that lasts from a few hours to many hours, and the same rules apply to our regular neighborhoods as they do to this temporary community in the air. Be nice, be Big Brain; it will make the flight a better experience.

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