Big Brain Customer Service Award Winner Postal AnnexSitting in a little corner of an otherwise normal-looking shopping center is a skinny Postage, Boxes, Shipping-and-Anything-Else store that, from the outside, looks typical of any postal storefront.

But one step inside this tiny shop and you are reminded of the art of running a small business in America. The shop owners engage every customer. They greet and say goodbye to every guest, filling requests like seasoned professionals.  I never would have thought such a generic looking store could express such great business qualities. They were on their game and not only knew their business but their customers.

Proprietors Andre, Ruth and Adam were behind the packed counter.  Juggling multiple requests at once, they were never too busy to guide new customers to the items they needed.   They made eye contact with everyone in the store and were ready to help. Ready to serve.

A sincere “Hello” and a grateful “See you Soon!” left me with the idea that I could not wait until I needed their service again. The legacy of a single visit makes me want to tell others.

In this new economy of frugal shoppers and savvy patrons, great service will be the commodity that sets the great apart from the average.

And with that, The Big Brain Customer Service Award for December goes to:

Postal Annex
321 N. Pass Avenue,
Burbank, CA 91505
(818) 557-8201

© 2011 Kevin T. McCarney. All rights reserved.



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  1. wilberfan says:

    How nice to hand out an award! I hope you gave them a rave review on Yelp as well!

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