I do not usually get hooked on anything, let alone a series from across the pond, but some friends insisted I would enjoy Downton Abbey (Sundays on PBS).

Downton AbbeyAt first I saw it as a regular series about a rich family. As I stuck with it though, this show about 1912 England started to put forth some great examples of Big Brain vs Little Brain.

It has been fascinating to watch this era where the conversation and the letter were the only real mediums to get your message across.   Each letter was significant and the words were chosen carefully for each conversation because they understood how each communication would play out and have an impact on their future.

There are several characters that are of interest and I will highlight them in future writings but those fans of “Downton” have seen the Lord of the house – usually a very reserved man who is pushing the need to follow protocol at all cost – evolve into a regular dad with three daughters and having to learn how to communicate differently with each.  We find the lord trying to make the right choice in each encounter but every once in a while letting his little brain get the best of him. On several occasions when he does use his little brain we find him quickly switching to Big Brain and apologizing gracefully.

This moment in time demonstrates how change has an influence on all our lives and illustrates some wonderful examples of how subtle conversations have long lasting legacies.

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