As predicted in a previous blog, Spirit Airlines has apologized to a dying veteran and refunded his money.

It did not take as long as I expected, but the Spirit CEO – after a series of Little Brain comments that will go down in business school history as what not to do in a crisis – took responsibility, apologized, and refunded the man his $197.00.

Ben Baldanza, the airline’s CEO, said in a publicly, “In my statements regarding Mr. Meekins’ request for a refund, I failed to explain why our policy on refunds makes Spirit Airlines the only affordable choice for so many travelers, and I did not demonstrate the respect or the compassion that I should have, given his medical condition and his service to our country.”

A week earlier, Baldanza said that the veteran “should have bought insurance.”

Read the full Big Brain vs. Little Brain® story from The New York Daily News:

Spirit CEO issues refund, apology to dying veteran

Now the next phase of getting rid of the baggage created by the CEO’s Little Brain moment will entail some well written op-eds and donations to charity. They have already donated $5,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project. All this because a “policy” of “no”, which was not flexible enough to refund $197.00.

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