Don Draper is one of the most enigmatic characters on TV.

This sharp ad executive is the top of his field seemingly because of sheer confidence. In most situations he is in complete control and can handle just about any situation or crisis with well-worded responses. But when something pushes a button and he slips into Little Brain reaction mode, he has a tendency to overreact.

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In one such situation we see him handle his new wife’s telling a lie about going to an acting audition with cool ease and total control of his emotions. But then he finds out his ex-wife told their daughter about another marriage from his past… he jumps to he feet ready to dial the phone and yell at her. He wants to keep his past in the past and when it surfaces he can quickly react in anger.

Holding onto to a perfect life is what Don does well.

Few people could be Don Draper. His mere presence at a meeting is more important than anything he or anybody else says. But this sophisticated powerful icon of his industry can become unglued. The past is one of his Little Brain Buttons. We all have buttons. Can you think of any of your own?

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