External Customers and Internal Customers

We are all familiar with the customer I would call the ‘External’ customer: the customer walking in the door, the person whom a service tech will encounter, or any of the other front-line positions who encounter customers or the general public.

Expressed Appreciation

Expressed Appreciation is a Big Brain Tool.

There is another customer, one who is far closer and who we see far more often… but one we don’t often see as customers: Our co-workers and employees.

The same ideas and techniques that help us service our public ‘External’ customers can be applied to our co-workers: Smiles, friendly tones and an understanding that each time we have an encounter with an ‘Internal’ customer, our goal is to leave them with a good impression.

It’s all too easy to take our ‘Internal’ customers for granted, and to expect them not to need the same level of concern because they are being paid, but that would be a mistake. Losing a trained co-worker/employee because they feel unappreciated or somehow less valuable can be just as damaging as losing a paying customer.

One important Tool we discuss is Expressed Appreciation. Instead of waiting for an annual review, seek out ways to express appreciation throughout the year. Even a quick note from a superior about a task well done can go a long way toward a satisfied ‘Internal’ customer.

There are hundreds of way to express yourself. Find the one that works with each co-worker and, most importantly, use it.

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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