Big Brain Customer Service AwardA simple box store may not seem like the place where you might find great customer service but that is what I observed.  I like to point out the little places where the owners or employees take the extra time to help the people in front of them.

At the Box Bros. on Olive in Burbank, CA the man behind the counter was helping another customer as I entered.  He looked me in the eye and said “Be right with you, sir.” He then went on to help the lady in front of me pick the perfect box for a gift she was sending across the country.  He even offered to put the box together and place the item inside for her.

All for 79 cents.

He then assisted me with great courtesy and a smile, making sure I had everything I needed. For purchasing just a few dollars of merchandise, the customers were receiving top-level service. I have spent much more at different stores and not received this level of professional behavior.

In a tough economy customer service is the least expensive way to differentiate yourself from others and keep customers coming back.

Box Bros. on Olive gets the Big Brain Customer Service Award for knowing how to treat customers even when they are only spending a little.

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