The Luncheon. The Dinner. The Event.

Networking in public is a powerful opportunity

Networking in public is a powerful opportunity

We all go to events throughout the year for business, for charity functions, to honor someone or to celebrate.

Before attending these seemingly routine encounters, it may be good idea to refresh our Big Brain Event skills and identify the potential Little Brain Traps that may show up at the event.

1. Be sincere.

Introduce yourself to everyone. Have a business card.

2. Remember: Everyone at the table is important.

Everyone you meet will remember what you say. Events are often people’s first impression of your social skills. At the table remember that, as inconsequential as someone might seem… everyone at the table is important.

3. Listen more than you speak.

The ratio should be at least 3 parts Listening to one part Talking. Our Little Brains want the ratio turned around.

4. No bragging. No jokes.

You don’t want to be remembered for poor taste. You can’t expect that everyone shares your sense of humor.

5. No gossip. No politics. No religion.

Any one of these discussions can turn quickly, depending upon the sensitivity of those in attendance. Stay away from negative opinions of anything. You can have opinions but this is probably not the right time to espouse them.

6. Let Good Gossip rule the day.

Say something complimentary about people who are not there. Your Good Gossip recipient will eventually hear what you said, and those in attendance will admire you.

7. Watch out for side bars. They tend to be rude.

When people want to talk to you while someone is speaking at the podium stay focused on the speaker. Let them know you can talk after the speaker finishes.

8. Face the speaker.

Stay focused on the person speaking even if they are boring (and even if they are the fifth person to speak who is boring). You still may learn something.

9. No cell phones.

Even if others use their phones, don’t use yours. Today it is more difficult but those who constantly check their phones are seen as indifferent to the event.

10. Beware the Open Bar.

Too many people, by the end of an event, will be in full Little Brain mode because they have had to much to drink. Often it is excused due to the event but it is not forgotten.

Having fun and connecting with others is part of the human spirit and very Big Brain. Keep these events working for you.

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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