The magic allure of the parking space nearest to the door.

Little Brain Parking is Little Brain Driving

Little Brain Parking is Little Brain Driving

Have you ever noticed the expressions on people intent on getting a particular parking space? It is almost like a trance. As they wait for someone to back out, there is an intensity as they grasp the wheel and motion away others who even think about approaching the space from a different angle. Parking Lot intensity is a form of Road Rage, which is a classic Little Brain Trap.

As I was walking back to my car in the parking garage of a large mall, I noticed someone following me. Slowly, like a stalker, she crept behind me trying to see which car was mine. When I turned around for a second to make sure I was in the right area, the driver released a visible gasp as she realized her time may have been wasted. I could not help but notice an abundance of spaces just a few aisles over. But since I was close to the front door, it seems my space was a premium.

I was on the correct floor of the garage. As I entered my car, the eager driver pulled so close I could not back out. It took a few minutes for her to grasp this, but before doing anything about it, I saw her total frustration as I turned to back out. Eventually the driver backed up, I left, and she got the space.

How important is getting the nearest space? Are we really willing to wait 5 minutes to follow someone and ensure our prime location? Or would the two-minute walk do us some good?

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