Maybe it’s the heat.

As the temperature rises, it seems that people’s ability to be polite decreases. Discomfort is definitely an influence on us and heat can make us all uncomfortable.

When high heat is an Influence, cooler heads prevail.

When high heat is an Influence, cooler heads prevail.

While driving onto the freeway recently I encountered a situation where, just as I entered the first lane, a car (a good distance behind me) sped up in an effort to block my entry. Really?

Recognizing this as classic Little Brain behavior I did not take it personally, but I made it into the lane with a generous distance. Or so I perceived.

The driver of the car changed lanes and sped up, to indicate how little he thought of my entry in front of him. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his single-finger indication of indignation. It was a clear sign of attempting to get back at me for a perceived intrusion.
I did not look at him as he seemed to be in full Little Brain mode. I kept my eyes on the road.

I let him pass me and did not think anything else of it.

A few minutes later I noticed that, as he he exited, he slowed down to align his vehicle with mine one last time before our freeway encounter ended. Perhaps for one last gesture or a sneering grin. I will never know. Rather than return his expression of immaturity or give him the opportunity to reload the finger, I simply turned my head slightly to the left to view the mountains while looking ahead.

With that, the potential road rage came to an anticlimactic end.

Better for everyone.

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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