Trust Apple?First, I admit to being a loyal Mac user. My friends have other titles for me. I admit to having gone through most of the Mac additions. From the 128 to the Mac classic, the LC II, several Power Macs, The G3 , The G4, The G5, several versions of the iMAC, two mini Macs, several Mac Book Pros and of course the iPad 1 and 3. I have every version of the iPhone and even stood in line a few times.

That said, my affinity for Mac took a huge hit this week.

When Steve Jobs passed away, a great responsibility was passed to the leaders of Apple. They knew the world would be watching when the iPhone 5 came out to see if it was up to Steve’s high standards.

Alas, it was not.

The apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook made me think – for the first time ever – Apple is vulnerable. Ouch. It made me think back to a comment from Jobs about how Apple does not do what others do. Apple, he said, does not release products just to meet a deadline and fix the flaws later, because that is just not Apple.

It’s just not Apple.

Having a loyal following may give some room to make a mistake once in a while – and the Apology is a vital Big Brain Tool – but everyone in customer service knows that the number one thing about loyalty is trust. And you don’t play with trust. Trust, too, is a very important Big Brain Tool.

I trust Apple.

I trust this is a one time mistake and not a shift in priorities.

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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The Apology Tool

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