So much time and so many words are given to the importance of the first impression. And it is important. However, I think it is only important for a short while. In fact, after the first impression is made, there begins a series of last impressions that ultimately deserve equal or greater thought than the first impression.

Let’s face it: If you have known someone for more than a few weeks or months, the first impression is long gone but your relationship now continues on the last impression.

When co-workers leave at the end of a day and exchange salutations, their impressions to each other are that of mutual respect. But if one co-worker is in a bad mood and does not deliver the expected farewell, then the last impression is one of grumpiness.

The same is true for a boss who walks in the morning and says nothing to anyone, but goes directly to his desk then leaves for a lunch appointment. The last impression is one of moodiness.

If the meal at a restaurant is fabulous but when you are leaving the host ignores you, the impression is that they don’t really care. In any encounter we have, the most recent exchange sets the last impression.

The last E-mail you sent, the last message you texted, the last voice-mail you left on a machine, your last tweet and the last Facebook status update each add to the last impression you are making on people.

So when you are sending any form of communication, take a moment to realize the importance of what you are saying. The last impression is what the next encounter with that persons will build on.

Last impressions last.

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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