One would be hard-pressed to find a more positive group of people than those who run marathons and other distance running events.

This year, I joined the support team for a runner in the Los Angeles Marathon. We made signs and cheered at several different mile markers before heading to the famous 21 mile marker. This marker is a crucial milestone where most runners can use some extra encouragement, and this one happened to be located in front of a War Veterans hospital.

As we stood waiting for our runner to pass, I witnessed some amazing Big Brain Moments: Runners who, on their 21st mile, took time out of the race — adding time to their results — when they noticed wheelchair-bound War Veterans cheering on the runners. These marathoners went to each Veteran, shaking their hands and giving words of appreciation for their service.

Surely exhausted after running 21 miles, and to have the presence of mind to see that this day was about more than themselves and their race time, these athletes’ actions were truly inspiring to witness.

Watch the video below to see just one example of a Big Brain runner taking the time to acknowledge our brave Veterans.

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