As an integral part of our daily lives, we use ‘smart’ devices to communicate with others and ‘connect’ ourselves to the world. But is it truly our choice to connect?

Often, before we can complete even a simple communication on these devices, we are distracted by the internet-tethered apps that recognize we are online; merely using the device offers these apps a chance to grab our attention.

Like barkers outside a carnival, nightclub or overpriced tourist trap, these notifications, updates and banner ads push the urgency of our attention.

Connected or Tethered?

Photo ©2015 Kevin T. McCarney

As this tether gets stronger and more ubiquitous, it becomes our responsibility to find out how to turn off some of these distractions.

The difference between being connected (i.e. what WE want to connect to) and being tethered (allowing ourselves to be steered by apps designed to distract and collect data) is increasingly a personal responsibility.

Perhaps we should choose our apps as we would our friends. Who do we really want so close to us?

Live Big – Think Big – Give Big

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