Pepe Aguilar’s 11 year old daughter, Angela, sang the The Star Spangled Banner at Dodger stadium the other night. It was one of the most inspirational moments I have witnessed.

The crowd, a true melting pot of people, sang along with her about their pride of America.

Angela’s voice was more than a little girl singing a song… it seemed to bring the diverse crowd together. The moment was a glimpse of what America needs more of; we are all in the same ‘stadium’ called The United States, rooting for a team called America.

We may be fans with different allegiances, but we all love the game of freedom. We need these moments, when color, race, religion and other divisive aspects disappear into one voice, joining an 11 year-old as she sings our National Anthem with such passion.

Pepe was proud to watch his daughter and hear her amazing voice, but this was a proud moment for all in attendance that demonstrated we are all in this together, moving forward.

Thank you Angela!


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