Observing an artist at work recently, I was impressed by the time and patience given to a small, 6×8-inch piece of paper, which ultimately evolved into a beautiful painting.

When painting a canvas, the artist will let the first layer dry, walk away and come back to determine whether it needs more color in one spot, perhaps lightening another area, or to see if something is missing.

Once completed, the work will be available for others to admire for quite some time. Before letting it go, the artist will wonder, “Am I proud of this now? Will I be proud of this in the years to come?”

Your personal art (of communication) is on display in every email, text, tweet, letter or message you send. Today, it is likely everything you send will be recorded somewhere, to be replayed by others at any point in the future.

In today’s fast-paced communication world we may not be able to afford the same amount of time an artist would give to a painting, but perhaps by tapping into our inner artist — before pushing the Send button — we can send messages that will make us proud now… and even in the years to come.

Photo and Painting ©2015 Katelyn McCarney

Photo and Painting ©2015 Katelyn McCarney

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© 2015 Kevin T. McCarney. All rights reserved.



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