As we enter a very volatile political year Little Brain activators will be everywhere. Politics is personal and everyone has their own passions and beliefs.
The ability to listen to others will be challenged as the season heats up and the media highlights virtually every possible flaw of each candidate. Even when they switch to the benefit of each candidate, if it’s not your candidate your Little Brain can get activated.

In the pressure of the moment politicians on all sides can often have their Little Brains activated and make Little Brain comments… and it will get them in the news and more attention. They will then go on talk shows to apologize or explain it away.

In our world — both our personal lives and our professional lives — we would be wise to keep our ability to listen handy and not to fall in to the Little Brain trap of overreacting and immediately going into full argument mode. Artfully hearing what someone else believes will lead to understanding that person better, even if you don’t agree with their political stance.

After the election, we will likely be living and working with the same people around us today. The legacy impact of a political season can last a lot longer for us than it will for some politicians. They will go onto the next political conquest. We will go on with our lives.


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