“I have been teaching The Success Principles for 40 years and one of the most important of those is a formula I call E+R=O.

Kevin has a wonderful way of articulating the same concept in his new book The Secrets of Successful Communication.

It’s simple and effective and I highly recommend it to anyone who owns a business, and not just for you, but your entire company!”

Jack Canfield, #1 NY Times Best-selling Author
Co-Creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul & The Success Principles, How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

“A somewhat surprising source offers an illuminating guide to better communication.

McCarney began the Poquito Mas® restaurant chain in Southern California almost 30 years ago. Somewhere along the line, he learned quite a bit about human interaction. Here the author offers a cogent, easily accessible method for improving social interactions, both public and private. It’s based on a simple premise: that in each of us there is The Big Brain and The Little Brain. The Big Brain is home to all of our higher cerebral functions, while The Little Brain, closer to the speech center, is the source of foot-in-mouth disease. The trick to always saying the right thing, writes the author, is learning how to bypass The Little Brain as often as possible. In this way, readers are able to avoid uncomfortable scenarios and start leading happier lives. Effective communication is largely achieved through awareness and taking a moment to become cognizant of the outside influences constantly affecting our day-to-day psyche. In different hands, this psychology could have easily veered into the dry and technical, but McCarney is entirely straightforward, friendly and effective in his delivery. The chapters are short and concise, yet penetrating, and the accompanying cartoons are whimsical but illustrate important points.

A book that will make readers want to immediately put what they’ve learned into practice.”

Kirkus Reviews, August 15, 2011

“Whether a new employee or a tenured employee, Kevin’s framework is a terrific way to develop the necessary communication skills in the workplace today.

I recommend Kevin and his book to business people, foodservice employees, students, and people of all ages and stages of life. The Secrets of Successful Communication is a must-read.”

Shari Manculich, National Account Sales Manager, PepsiCo Foodservice

“The Principles of Big Brain Communication have had a significant impact on my staff and me. This book makes a difference, both professionally and personally.”

Mariann Costello, Vice President Scoma’s Restaurant

“I taught management communication for more than 40 years with both the City of Los Angeles (in-service training programs) and the Los Angeles Community College District. I always used non-technical materials because my classes were always practical in nature. I haven’t found anything that I liked as much as The Secrets of Successful Communication since The One Minute Manager about 30 years ago. I always use personal stories and examples to demonstrate my major points, just as Kevin McCarney does in his presentations. Big Brain vs. Little Brain is a concept most people can understand readily. I wish I had his book before I retired.”

Elliott Porter, Communications Manager (retired)

“Insightful… valuable tools in how I will approach my employees, customers and my family as well. I enjoyed the book so much that I gave my copy to the hotel general manager at our hotel in Sorrento Italy.”

Stuart Weisfeld, Worldwide Produce

“I picked up The Secrets of Successful Communication to read on a recent business trip and I could not put it down. I deal with clients all around the world, and these communication principles can be effective with all cultures. This should be part of everyone’s Customer Service protocols.”

Barbara Gomperz, Executive Director, International Sales and Operations

“It has been my great pleasure to know Kevin McCarney since he was a young fellow of college age, and I was a Management Consultant to the U.S. Small Business Administration. Kevin was full of energy, and obviously very intelligent. At that time he had moved out of his home and was living in the back rooms of a restaurant he was managing, fulfilling his desire to be independent, and the master of his own fate. A couple of years later he was hired by a major California-based restaurant chain, and soon promoted to be the youngest manager in that chain. His next step would be to open his own first Poquito Mas restaurant, located in a whopping 450 square-foot space in North Hollywood. With that as his launching space, over the ensuing twenty-five years he went on to create his own extraordinary success story, in the mean time fighting off the large restaurant chains and corporations who were trying to buy him out; good going, Kevin. It is no surprise that his generous nature has led him to write this book, and share what he thinks are some of the essential elements for becoming successful in any business, as well as in life. More than anything, he emphasizes intelligent listening, and thoughtful responses, tempered with a strategy that helps one always to call upon the best resources of one’s mind. A great read for anybody who is interested in moving forward.”

Frank Lutz, Management Consultant

“If you have ever said to yourself, ‘I shouldn’t have said that,’ then this book is for you. The simple techniques Kevin espouses in this book will help you to never utter the explanation ‘What I really meant to say was…'”

Jon Melichar, Director of Entertainment, Metan Development Group, LLC

“I have witnessed the success this book can bring, in the training of the owner and the employees of a business. The book should be given with each loan (direct or guaranteed) made by every smart lending institution.”

Frank Schwengel, Retired Lending Advisor

“Kevin has come up with an easily digestible and important tool for those managing businesses or marriages. His keen observations detailing both the pitfalls and successes of human interaction, and how they can be improved upon, are spot on.”

Larry Rudolf, executive manager and trainer

“Easy to read and filled with great examples, this book presents a thoughtful yet entertaining view of human communication. Since we have all experienced occasions when we immediately regret something we just said, the concept of Big Brain and Little Brain activity are clearly understandable. Mr. McCarneyʼs discussion on moments and their legacies ring true and highlight the importance of creating a positive feeling at the end of each encounter. A great look into the external influences that affect us daily as well as how our sense of self can greatly impact how we react and what we say. As a leadership trainer, I felt he correctly highlighted seven important opportunities that need to be considered whenever we interact with people and then did a wonderful job of explaining how these principles can be applied to create the best possible outcomes. I believe everybody can take something from this book that will assist them to communicate better with their fellow man. Excellent book – a must read for everyone!”

Larry Applebaum, Board of Education, Burbank Unified School District

“I believe everyone needs a lesson in good communication skills for all types of relationships. The Secrets of Successful Communicationis an absolute must read for those who want to succeed in learning a true art form. Many going into business really need to learn good communication skills and should pick up a copy of this book.”

Daniel A. Sanchez, realtor, Dilbeck Realtors

“Common sense communication. Kevin McCarney brings thought and civility back into verbal interactions through his words and true-life illustrations in this must-read book.”

Sandra Dalka-Prysby, author, Slow but Sure

“This book is a must read. Identifying the ‘moment’ as the critical point of the conversation  is spot on. I use the principals of this book on a daily basis to defuse potentially confrontational situations. Successful solutions to complex problems begin or end at the ‘moment.'”

John McCarney, code enforcement officer, Nuisance Abatement Team Coordinator

“There are so many valuable nuggets in this book, but as a head of Human Resources, I found the concepts of ‘telegraphing’ and ‘good gossip’ to be absolutely priceless!”

Patty Reveles, vice president of human resources, Clarity Management, Inc.

“A quick read, insightful, and invaluable!”

Mike Marmor, president, Emblem Enterprises, Inc.

“Kevin McCarney’s book takes lessons from his experiences and passes on to us simple and easy-to-use communication tools to help us relate better with those around us. In a world full of distraction and negative language, it reminds us to be mindful of our words, our actions and how we treat people in order to bring our best selves to those we care about. A much needed message for the families and our communities today.”

Chelsea Holcomb, LCSW

“Kevin offers profound insight into communication with simple elegance.  We have all witnessed and participated in Big Brain and Little Brain moments.  Now we have a powerful way to think and talk about the consequences.  Thank you for the clarity!”

Mark Pierce, PhD – psychologist and Nancy Pierce, PhD – public school teacher

“Young or old, home or office, The Secrets of Successful Communicationis a valuable tool in improving the reader’s quality of life and those around them. I look forward to the day that it is required reading in our schools.”

—  Steve Supowitz, president, Individual FoodService

The Secrets of Successful Communicationbrings civility back into a world that depends so much on e-mails, texts and tweets. A great book everyone should read”.

Peter Hubbard, CEO, Pacific Title Archives

“Becoming a truly great communicator is like getting to Carnegie Hall: It takes practice. But it doesn’t hurt to know someone on the inside, either. Kevin’s book of “Secrets” gives you the simple lessons and tools you will need to go out and be the best in the world — to be the best in your world — both personally and professionally. But you will still need to practice!”

Benjamin Holcomb, Author Mego 8″ Super-Heroes: World’s Greatest Toys!

“With all the technological clutter in our everyday lives, author Kevin McCarney gets us back to the basics of how good interpersonal communications can benefit not only our professional lives, but our most intimate relationships as well.”

Steven Schindler, network TV marketing writer-producer/ Novelist

“Effective communication leads to successful outcomes.  Read Kevin’s book to learn and master the skills that will help you strengthen your business and personal encounters.”

Scott Morris, president, Von Der Ahe Real Estate Group


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